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July Ateliers KDE (ex Hacking Session)

As each last saturday of the month, it was the celeb “Ateliers KDE”. It’s a meeting with KDE people who lives in Toulouse. During this day we can discuss around KDE, hack on it and eat pizza (official food). This saturday we were five (3 permanents and 2 new guys from Toulibre).
Ervin works on SolidUiServer and i work on the SolidNotifier to improve the design and to use Plasma widget. I have little problem to use these widgets, i think i will ask to Aaron about my problems and tell him my questions. But my stuff looks nice and progress…

Solid Notifier in Action


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SolidNotifier will wait…

Yesterday i finish programming the solidNotifier applet, not exactly finish but near. I explain. Now when you plug a device you have a sliding animation with the name and an appropriate icon. It disappear after the end of animation. The last task i will finish this week is to call Ervin’s job, indeed he work on the popup window with the action list associate to a device.It’s a dbus call when user click on the applet.

But my problem is how can i choose the default position for this applet? Actually no solution because Plasma don’t provide yet notion of position. My other problem is that my applet must be on the top everytime and Plasma can’t actually manage panel system.  I have asked Aaron about my problems and i have proposed my help. Actually i will work on Plasma library in order to provide group of applet/panel management in order to save position and so. It will be useful when we will decide which group will be on the top. I have to think about this before committing something and to talk with people involved in Plasma.

The next step that i can do is to contact KDE’s artist because my applet is very ugly…I want something very beautiful.

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Akademy Conclusion

I just come back to aKademy, the annual meeting of KDE people.

My conclusion is : it was very very cool. A big thanks to Ervin who bring me in this community.

The trip to Glasgow was very bad, connection lost, redirect to Edimburgh and finally a taxi to Glasgow.

The first two days was conference days with a lot of people interesting, good subjects and for me a moment to discover many peoples of the community, for example Laurent Montel (the commit champion) a french guy who live in Paris and many others charismatics guys.

After these two days, it was the time for us to start working on KDE. My first job was to create an applet for Plasma (It’s a small thing that you put on your desktop, like widget in Mac OS or Vista). I created a simple with just an SVG picture. I tried to implement movement in this applet to simulate the futur slide in, slide out of the famous solidnotifier. But when aaron has shown my applet, he was a little bit desperate because it wasn’t the good way, i didn’t use Plasma API. Because this animation (Sliding) was not implement in Plasma, i decided to program a sliding movement.

During 4 days, i was working on SlideIn and SlideOut animation. Finally i commit changes 2 days before going back to France. Aaron is a great guy, he helps me very often and it’s cool to talk with him. After that we made a meeting with Ervin and Aaron to decide where i can put my applet in KDE, what tasks i will do and so. In conclusion I have to create an engine wich can talk with Solid and an applet SolidNotifier. The applet will take informations in the engine to display it. After that i start to work on the engine and commit a first unstable version before my flight to toulouse.

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Solid, Plasma and SolidNotifier

My mission in KDE is to design, program and test the notifier when you plug a device in your computer.
My idea for this notifier is to conserve old popup because the action list in it is very useful when you want to burn a media, explore an usb key and so…But the main problem i think is when your write a document you want to store it in you usb key, you plug your usb key,the popup appears, you close the popup and you choose “save as” in order to store it in your usb key. It’s very boring!!!! I think create a passive popup in a corner is better because it inform you what you plug and if you click on it you can show the old popup…

-How can i do this in KDE4?
In KDE4 there is a API wich provide an easy interface to manage device into your computer. His little name isSolid. In KDE 3.5, this API wasn’t existing so the code to display this notifier was very complex and not really cool to read…My first step was to talk with solid to be alert when a device is plug.

-The next step, where i can display my notifier?
In KDE4,the new desktop interface turn around a concept named Plasma designed by a crazy canadian guy named Aaron (i love you aaron :)). So before going to aKademy i was working to understand how the API works, more exactly applet concept to display my notifier…

Next Post : Conclusion of Akademy in Glasgow!

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Me and KDE, a story of love

Before starting my story, i can explain what is KDE for people who don’t know this wonderful world.K Desktop Environment is a free software project which is a powerful system for a desktop environment. It provide a lot of desktop functions and applications for daily needs.You can visit the website to discover what is KDE.

So my love story with KDE.Get Ready?Go!!

I start discover KDE in October 2006 during a university project in my IUP. Before starting enhance KDE, i was a non KDE-user. KDE wasn’t unknown for me because in my university some computers works with it and a long time ago i have installed a Mandrake version in my computer. The person in charge for these projects was Kevin Ottens, a PhD student and an active member of KDE. Two project was proposed : Kplato and Umbrello. The first is a project management application and the second an UML modeller. We were two teams with about five first master degree and five bachelor’s degree. I was working on Kplato to add functionalities like Pert View, Display Charts, and some useful functions. The project is finished since end of march and now what i do?
After march i still contribute in Kplato with Dag Andersen (a nice guy ;)) to help him. We were working on integrate new Gantt API and improve Panels. But my problem is I’m not actually a project manager and i’m not be able to find what is missing in Kplato.
During an Hacking Session (A monthly meeting where we hack on KDE), Kevin (or ervin) has explain to me what he did in KDE (he work on solid) and what i can do around solid, more exactly the notifier, the popup which appears when you plug an usb key or something like that. So i was totally in love to work on that thing and to work with my future master ERVIN!

I will explain in a next post what exactly i do in KDE and my impressions of my trip in Akademy (Annual meeting of KDE contributors).

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The beginning…


First message for my first blog…So let’s go!

I’m 22 years old, I live in Toulouse (it’s in South of France).I’m actually a student in Computer Science. I study in Paul Sabatier University, more exactly in IUP ISI. We work on creating software for computers and try to learn project management. I have actually finish my first master degree and i do my training in Orange where i design a low level communication layer in C++.

So that’s all for me…See you later