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Akademy Conclusion

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I just come back to aKademy, the annual meeting of KDE people.

My conclusion is : it was very very cool. A big thanks to Ervin who bring me in this community.

The trip to Glasgow was very bad, connection lost, redirect to Edimburgh and finally a taxi to Glasgow.

The first two days was conference days with a lot of people interesting, good subjects and for me a moment to discover many peoples of the community, for example Laurent Montel (the commit champion) a french guy who live in Paris and many others charismatics guys.

After these two days, it was the time for us to start working on KDE. My first job was to create an applet for Plasma (It’s a small thing that you put on your desktop, like widget in Mac OS or Vista). I created a simple with just an SVG picture. I tried to implement movement in this applet to simulate the futur slide in, slide out of the famous solidnotifier. But when aaron has shown my applet, he was a little bit desperate because it wasn’t the good way, i didn’t use Plasma API. Because this animation (Sliding) was not implement in Plasma, i decided to program a sliding movement.

During 4 days, i was working on SlideIn and SlideOut animation. Finally i commit changes 2 days before going back to France. Aaron is a great guy, he helps me very often and it’s cool to talk with him. After that we made a meeting with Ervin and Aaron to decide where i can put my applet in KDE, what tasks i will do and so. In conclusion I have to create an engine wich can talk with Solid and an applet SolidNotifier. The applet will take informations in the engine to display it. After that i start to work on the engine and commit a first unstable version before my flight to toulouse.


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Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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