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Solid, Plasma and SolidNotifier

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My mission in KDE is to design, program and test the notifier when you plug a device in your computer.
My idea for this notifier is to conserve old popup because the action list in it is very useful when you want to burn a media, explore an usb key and so…But the main problem i think is when your write a document you want to store it in you usb key, you plug your usb key,the popup appears, you close the popup and you choose “save as” in order to store it in your usb key. It’s very boring!!!! I think create a passive popup in a corner is better because it inform you what you plug and if you click on it you can show the old popup…

-How can i do this in KDE4?
In KDE4 there is a API wich provide an easy interface to manage device into your computer. His little name isSolid. In KDE 3.5, this API wasn’t existing so the code to display this notifier was very complex and not really cool to read…My first step was to talk with solid to be alert when a device is plug.

-The next step, where i can display my notifier?
In KDE4,the new desktop interface turn around a concept named Plasma designed by a crazy canadian guy named Aaron (i love you aaron :)). So before going to aKademy i was working to understand how the API works, more exactly applet concept to display my notifier…

Next Post : Conclusion of Akademy in Glasgow!


Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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