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SolidNotifier will wait…

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Yesterday i finish programming the solidNotifier applet, not exactly finish but near. I explain. Now when you plug a device you have a sliding animation with the name and an appropriate icon. It disappear after the end of animation. The last task i will finish this week is to call Ervin’s job, indeed he work on the popup window with the action list associate to a device.It’s a dbus call when user click on the applet.

But my problem is how can i choose the default position for this applet? Actually no solution because Plasma don’t provide yet notion of position. My other problem is that my applet must be on the top everytime and Plasma can’t actually manage panel system.  I have asked Aaron about my problems and i have proposed my help. Actually i will work on Plasma library in order to provide group of applet/panel management in order to save position and so. It will be useful when we will decide which group will be on the top. I have to think about this before committing something and to talk with people involved in Plasma.

The next step that i can do is to contact KDE’s artist because my applet is very ugly…I want something very beautiful.


Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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