or Alexis Menard in the real world.

July Ateliers KDE (ex Hacking Session)


As each last saturday of the month, it was the celeb “Ateliers KDE”. It’s a meeting with KDE people who lives in Toulouse. During this day we can discuss around KDE, hack on it and eat pizza (official food). This saturday we were five (3 permanents and 2 new guys from Toulibre).
Ervin works on SolidUiServer and i work on the SolidNotifier to improve the design and to use Plasma widget. I have little problem to use these widgets, i think i will ask to Aaron about my problems and tell him my questions. But my stuff looks nice and progress…

Solid Notifier in Action


Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

2 thoughts on “July Ateliers KDE (ex Hacking Session)

  1. I hope i will be there next time with you 🙂

  2. yes in a bigger area i hope…

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