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My ToDo List on Plasma…

I see on the last commit digest that we speak about the lock/logout applet. First time that we speak about my work ;). I need to improve it a little (add an onHover effect on icons : perhaps a blue on hover on lock button and red hover on logout button). We have just to resize it, hide the background and put it where we want but the question is actually where?Wait and see… Perhaps i will talk with oxygen’s guys because icons are not very easy to differenciate, especially when they are small…

I have to talk with aaron about onHover effect because in plama panel “kicker” the onHover effect use a Qtimeline (i remember [but i’m not sure] in aKademy that aaron want to use one QTimeline for all applets so..).

Actually i work to finish new device notifier applet. The applet works very well, up/down animation and when we click on it, it open solidUiServer. I have just a problem with desktop files use to define actions list in solidUiServer. I worked yesterday with David Faure to find the problem, i will find the solution soon. The last thing on this notifier is to improve slideAnimation, but actually i don’t know how to start in Phase class in Plasma. As the lock/logout applet, actually we don’t know where we can put this applet and a notification area.

Many work to do and after perhaps i can work on the show desktop applet.


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KDE Hacking Session of October

Yesterday was the monthly Hacking Session in Toulouse. For the first time we were in a good place in the center of toulouse : many tables and chairs in a big aera.Fine ;)…At the beginning we have discover a problem with the network (no Wifi router) and a man who work for the city of toulouse has found an old ethernet wire…GREAT!So we have worked on KDE. Ervin has work a long times to configure his firewall with icecream and i work on new device notifier, more exactly on the engine and .desktop files. Annma has joined us at 10:00 and Florian just before eating. Florian has started to translate DigiKam and Annma worked on KHangMan, KLettres and looked into KNewStuff .After a long fight with his firewall Ervin has worked on a bug in dolphin when you rename a file.Two new guys of Toulibre has joined us and they have worked to install dev platform. Two friends of mine were present : One to develop on KDE and one interessting to promote KDE (marketing and so).Wonderful ;)… So four new guys in our meeting, we hope they will stay a looong time with us.

MSI perhaps a sponsor of KDE dev ? :p Ervin’s laptop (On the left) and my laptop (On the right). Ervin stay always in KDE 3.5 (not an adventurious guy, :p) and i work on a KDE4.

KDE Hacking session of October : people present

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Back to KDE and internship started!

Hi everybody,

I’m back, lot of things to do during these 2 last months : a new academic year started, an internship to find and so… So it’s finished and now i can work again on KDE4. Last week i worked on Solid Notifier to improve it. No more plasma crashes when you load it ;). Now it up and down when you plug a device, you can click on it to have a window with the actions corresponding to the device (old media notifier in KDE3). I moved it yesterday in kdebase according to aaron.I found a name, more “user friendly” : New device Notifier. Exit the name of solid. Ervin was sad (no it’s a joke).

So the next step is to improve up/down animation and to work with aaron (if he want :p) in a notifier aera somewhere…I will participate to the meeting plasma IRC announced in the mailing-list.

So exit KDE let’s talk about my internship. I have found a good subject in a company named CS and i will work in visual reality (it’s a big european project). The project is a big application to create cartoon, movies,games, virtual worlds and so with a program write in QT and C++. We can create 2D or 3D story.It’s interesting: i can improve my skill in QT and it will be positiv for me and for KDE when i will work on it again in my house. The first day i create a small cartoon with a character moving in different area, it was very easy to do because GUI is very efficient. My job is to rewrite a module that manage actions of objects. This part of application use LUA scripting and actually user have to write in LUA code. It’s not cool so i will think about a better interaction with wizards and so (User interface will be in QT). Good and many work to do!

See you!