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Back to KDE and internship started!

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Hi everybody,

I’m back, lot of things to do during these 2 last months : a new academic year started, an internship to find and so… So it’s finished and now i can work again on KDE4. Last week i worked on Solid Notifier to improve it. No more plasma crashes when you load it ;). Now it up and down when you plug a device, you can click on it to have a window with the actions corresponding to the device (old media notifier in KDE3). I moved it yesterday in kdebase according to aaron.I found a name, more “user friendly” : New device Notifier. Exit the name of solid. Ervin was sad (no it’s a joke).

So the next step is to improve up/down animation and to work with aaron (if he want :p) in a notifier aera somewhere…I will participate to the meeting plasma IRC announced in the mailing-list.

So exit KDE let’s talk about my internship. I have found a good subject in a company named CS and i will work in visual reality (it’s a big european project). The project is a big application to create cartoon, movies,games, virtual worlds and so with a program write in QT and C++. We can create 2D or 3D story.It’s interesting: i can improve my skill in QT and it will be positiv for me and for KDE when i will work on it again in my house. The first day i create a small cartoon with a character moving in different area, it was very easy to do because GUI is very efficient. My job is to rewrite a module that manage actions of objects. This part of application use LUA scripting and actually user have to write in LUA code. It’s not cool so i will think about a better interaction with wizards and so (User interface will be in QT). Good and many work to do!

See you!


Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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