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KDE Hacking Session of October

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Yesterday was the monthly Hacking Session in Toulouse. For the first time we were in a good place in the center of toulouse : many tables and chairs in a big aera.Fine ;)…At the beginning we have discover a problem with the network (no Wifi router) and a man who work for the city of toulouse has found an old ethernet wire…GREAT!So we have worked on KDE. Ervin has work a long times to configure his firewall with icecream and i work on new device notifier, more exactly on the engine and .desktop files. Annma has joined us at 10:00 and Florian just before eating. Florian has started to translate DigiKam and Annma worked on KHangMan, KLettres and looked into KNewStuff .After a long fight with his firewall Ervin has worked on a bug in dolphin when you rename a file.Two new guys of Toulibre has joined us and they have worked to install dev platform. Two friends of mine were present : One to develop on KDE and one interessting to promote KDE (marketing and so).Wonderful ;)… So four new guys in our meeting, we hope they will stay a looong time with us.

MSI perhaps a sponsor of KDE dev ? :p Ervin’s laptop (On the left) and my laptop (On the right). Ervin stay always in KDE 3.5 (not an adventurious guy, :p) and i work on a KDE4.

KDE Hacking session of October : people present


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Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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