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My ToDo List on Plasma…


I see on the last commit digest that we speak about the lock/logout applet. First time that we speak about my work ;). I need to improve it a little (add an onHover effect on icons : perhaps a blue on hover on lock button and red hover on logout button). We have just to resize it, hide the background and put it where we want but the question is actually where?Wait and see… Perhaps i will talk with oxygen’s guys because icons are not very easy to differenciate, especially when they are small…

I have to talk with aaron about onHover effect because in plama panel “kicker” the onHover effect use a Qtimeline (i remember [but i’m not sure] in aKademy that aaron want to use one QTimeline for all applets so..).

Actually i work to finish new device notifier applet. The applet works very well, up/down animation and when we click on it, it open solidUiServer. I have just a problem with desktop files use to define actions list in solidUiServer. I worked yesterday with David Faure to find the problem, i will find the solution soon. The last thing on this notifier is to improve slideAnimation, but actually i don’t know how to start in Phase class in Plasma. As the lock/logout applet, actually we don’t know where we can put this applet and a notification area.

Many work to do and after perhaps i can work on the show desktop applet.


Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

5 thoughts on “My ToDo List on Plasma…

  1. Please use orange for the lock icon.
    – Red -> Logout
    – Orange -> Lock
    – Green -> Switch user
    The most red is a definitive action, the most green a “positive” action.
    “Lock” is like a “temporar logout”, but also allow to switch user, so it’s in the middle of red and green.
    But you’re right that the Oxygen icon in themselves should be colored, not the buttons.

    And about the single QTimeLine, I think you should use Phase.
    I haven’t developed for KDE 4 yet, so I may be wrong, but reading Aaron’s blog it seams that the Phase animation framework internally use only one timeline, so this is abstracted.

  2. yes i aggree with you but the solution is to implement an onhover effect or to color icon? i don’t know…My opinion is to add color on icons.

  3. What also would be nice is the ability to leave a message when the desktop is locked (like gnome does in it’s latest release)

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  5. Hey !

    i would like to join your project, tacos, on Plasma.

    I re-install Mandriva and i’m so fresh to code :p

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