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French Release Party in Toulouse…

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I’m not the first to speak about the release event but i think i will be the last…

The event start on friday evening with a long talk of Kevin Ottens (ervin). He had shown a lot of things : KDE pillars, videos and so. The room was full and we can say it was a success. Ervin is a really good speaker (everybody is agree with me). Thanks to Ervin. After the presentation we had a coktail, so people have asked many questions about KDE. It’s was a pleasure to promote it.

On saturday, we had technical conferences with Aurélien Gâteau, David Faure,Laurent Montel, Kevin Ottens, Anne-Marie Mahfouf and me. All talks was interesting and i have listened like a kid.The room was full with a big turn over of people. I was happy to be present, especially because it was my first talk around KDE.

Saturday evening all KDE people were in a good restaurant and we have discuss about many subjects, especially how we were enter in KDE. It was very interesting (especially David Faure).  Finally, I was happy to see again David, Laurent, and to meet Aurélien. KDE community is very wonderful. I’m very impatient to be again at the next akademy.

I would like to thanks all people who helps me to organize this event :

  • All the people from Toulibre, especially Alex and Thomas.
  • Michel Saliba and all people who help around Aaron’s keynote;
  • Ervin for his help, for his advices and all. Thanks so much!

I’m very proud to have organized my first KDE’s event, and i hope others will come (An aKademy :p). The bad point for this event was the communication (we have to improve some points especially the poster), but i have won a dinner and a beer (i have sticked or given more than 250 posters in Toulouse).

Now it’s time to go back in code, Plasma i’m comming, have you forget me?!


Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

One thought on “French Release Party in Toulouse…

  1. You did very well for your first event, bravo! I did not help much but you were amazing. You talks also were very very good!

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