or Alexis Menard in the real world.


Plasma Sprint : near the end

It’s 22H50 and plasma sprint is near the end :(. Tomorrow everybody come back to their houses. All people had worked on various things and it will be benefit for plasma. We have worked on the API of Plasma (2 days of API review) with 26 whiteboards that remind us the work to do. Now all changes have to be implemented. Today i have made a hacking sprint with Sebas to fix build and bring back to plasma a correct level of usability. The main missing part is the task manager applet that need a lot of refactoring stuff (Alt+tab can be an alternative :p). And i try to thanks aaron that help with this fuc***g background!

Here a little screenshot of plasma after major changes, and LOTS will arrive!



Plasma Sprint : Porting Plasma API to Qt 4.4.0

Yeah a little post to explain on what i work during the plasma sprint. I’m actually port our plasma API to Qt 4.4.0. Actually the base class of Plasma is QGraphicsItem but since Qt4.4.0, Qt provide a new cool class (named QGraphicsWidget) that allow using layouts (and others cool features) for us. So i move our API in order to use this class. In my deeply dreams (wich will become the true soon) our layouting classes will be delete in order to use QGraphicsLayouts classes. Actually 2 applets works but it will be merged in trunk for porting others applets with plasma team!

See this screenshot that show applets on the desktop and the panel with Qt’s layouts!