or Alexis Menard in the real world.


Have you ever use a power-compiler?

it’s definitively compiled.

I beat the record? Is kitware guys give something for that :p?


Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

6 thoughts on “

  1. I’ve seen it go up to ~150% before, but never that high. You deserve a cookie.

  2. Yes, the percentage can be wrong.
    Usually this happens when cmake was run due to modifications in some of the cmake files at the beginning of this make run. Was this the case ?


  3. Is that picture real? 3233%?

  4. Hey, could you please tell me what is that font you’re using? 🙂 Thanks.

  5. you never compiled l10n, right? it can reach 10000% easily 😀

  6. Wow… my record is ~130%, it’s nothing compared with 3233%.

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