or Alexis Menard in the real world.

Back in France, end of aKademy, and new job


I’m now back in France, in Paris and i live in my mother’s flat.Akademy is now finished, it was great.The program was good, conferences very interesting. I haven’t hacking so much, just a little, fixing some bugs and working on the notifier.
The organization team did a wonderful job. I would like to congrats the team! I was pretty happy to see new students from ervin, i hope they will stay like me in KDE. I was very happy to meet new french : Gilles Caulier (from digiKam), Sebastien Renard (from translation team), Pierre Ducroquet (from Koffice). French start to be more and more in KDE (ahahaha). As usually i meet other Plasma devs and friends. Like last year, i come back at home with lot of things in my memory. I would like to thanks Olivier Goffart, our guide in belgium, for his jokes and his explanation of belgium customs (s’il vous plait).
Now i spend time hacking on KDE (a little) and on my N810. I try to see my friends in Paris before leaving France and we arrive at this second part of my post : i just get my first job since i have finished my studies in June. I have the chance to be hired by Nokia, in Qt software division. I will join lot of wonderful people in Oslo and i’m pretty eager to start working next month.


Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

4 thoughts on “Back in France, end of aKademy, and new job

  1. félicitation,

  2. Bravo, aller les frenchies pour diffuser encore plus KDE en France !

  3. Whoa, congrats dude 🙂

  4. Congratulations. You’re expected soon in the office 🙂

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