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My only blog post about KHTML/Webkit…

Rhaaa again this discussion show up.

I liked konqueror in KDE3 when it was just working both as web browser and file manager. In KDE4 i used dolphin because i find the UI very powerful but i never used Konqueror. The reason is (at least the last time i checked) that it doesn’t support properly gmail, doesn’t work that well with youtube (sometimes the flash plugin is not loaded), a LOT of AJAX website are borked, not rendered properly. Of course i don’t speak about official website from governments that are working/rendered properly in Arora/Firefox but not in Konqueror. This is a show stopper for Mr EVERYBODY and this is the kind of users we are targeting (not advanced users with crazy workflow using features that almost nobody uses). And yes Mr EVERYBODY sometimes use proprietary thingy, that is the way it is. I think giving away some features for a time and make 90% of people happy is a good deal.

Me as an OSS user i don’t like Firefox because it is lacking with KDE integration but i prefer to use it than tweaking KHTML with identities or to avoid having a poor surfing experience. The bad thing as well is that Kubuntu ship konqueror as default, Firefox is not installed unless you go to the package manager. What a poor experience for user when he start browsing for the first time.

I think pretty much everybody agree that we still want Konqueror but with a different engine that just works with very active maintainers. I really appreciate the work that has been done in KHTML in the past but now it’s time to focus elsewhere.

I also hear devs : “gna gna Qt Webkit lacking this and this” but i have to say :

This link can improve Qt/Webkit

I am sure that the webkit team in Oslo will be happy to review patches as well as APIs to access what is missing. (Btw Qt Webkit in 4.6 come with a full DOM API). I am also pretty sure that a KHTML developer will find quickly his way to webkit in order to help in that area. Working together seems to be a good option i have to say.

That’s all for me, i just wanted to remember the Qt open repository to make what is missing happen in order to deprecate KHTML and to stop wasting resources on a double work. Man we don’t have two times our spare time.