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KDE 4.8 is really really nice! Congrats! Just KMix popup is confusing…


Today I upgraded to KDE 4.8, thanks to ArchLinux to provide the packages really fast. Globally I’m pretty happy with the move, more polish, more stable, it really shine! So far the only glitch I had was nepomuk resetting where to index (I on purpose disable where my dev environment is) so it started indexing like hell my development directories, freezing my machine at the very first startup. So I’d say congrats to the KDE for such a beautiful release. Nice work!

On the more down side I’m really confused about the new KMix popup when you click on the speaker icon in the systray. I felt confused about it (so were all my colleagues around) :

I have hard time to understand this popup. It seems that moving the slider to the right would decrease the volume (as it goes in direction of the mute button which is anyway against the regular left-to-right == increase for people using the LTR layout) but no *cough* it increases the volume.

Also clicking on the mute button doesn’t give feedback whether it is checked or not again leading to confusion. Any idea from some designer (Nuno, …?) on how to improve it? I would implement it myself.

UPDATE : It seems that the button is not properly updated as it should. That helps a bit to understand how it works :D.

Anyway thanks all for the work!