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Week 19-20 Intel and Chromium : Cleanups, Media Queries, and bug fixing.

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This update covers week 19-20 (last two weeks) on Intel’s work in Chromium and Blink.

Blink :

  • Yael Aharon removed ENABLE_PAGE_POPUP build flag and replaced it by a runtime flag. Dongseong Hwang removed unused code path in GraphicsLayer.
  • Kenneth Rohde Christiansen deprecated the unofficial -webkit-transition media feature because the same can be achieved with CSS conditionals, it’s prefixed and CSS Transitions are unprefixed. He also enabled resolution media queries with fixed implementation as well as the (color-index) media query feature for non-indexed screens. He also improved consistency with other browsers.
  • Alexis Menard fixed a regression where Event#stopPropagation() does not halt bubbling for webkitTransitionEnd. He also removed getPropertyShorthand and isPropertyImplicit from the public JS APIs, these methods were only used by the inspector.
  • Shouqun Liu fixed a texture copy issue in video painting on Canvas for Chrome on Android.
  • Mikhail Pozdnyakov started a crusade to improve HashTraits : he landed an optimization for HashTraits<RefPtr<P> >::emptyValue(), he removed RetainPtrObjectHash and RetainPtrObjectHashTraits and did cleanups and fixes.
  • Various bug fixes by Yael Aharon on label tag or select.

Chromium :

  • Chunyang Dai enabled the Intel’s VTune profiling suite support in chrome.
  • Yael Aharon fixed an ASSERT when navigating to chrome://nacl.
  • Caio Oliveira got rid of DownloadItemImpl::UpdateProgress().
  • Sudarsana Nagineni fixed several memory leaks in gtk_clipboard_dump utility.

Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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