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Week 21 Intel and Chromium : Fixes, Refactorings and Cleanups.

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This update covers week 21 on Intel’s work in Chromium and Blink. Most of the team was attending the Tizen Conference so this week was a bit more quiet.

Blink :

  • Pan Deng fixed ResourceLoadTiming resolution loss issue.
  • Alexis Menard backported from WebKit a bunch of CSS internal refactorings (r151189r151127r151124r151103r151073r151009r150925). He also fixed an ASSERT due to an hazardous cast in debug related to CSS Background and WebKit Masks.
  • Dongseong Hwang made resize-events test not flaky.
  • Rijubrata Bhaumik worked on the CSS Dialog, he also removed the compile time flag for DataList.
  • Jun A Jiang cleaned some graphics related code and implemented few extensions for WebGL (r150722).
  • Hongbo Min fixed the position of dragstart event.
  • Yael Aharon removed DISABLE_ROUNDED_CORNER_CLIPPING build flag.

Chromium :

  • Rijubrata Bhaumik disabled DataList on Android.
  • Caio Oliveira worked on the Download Manager : cleanup,  and various refactors (r201539, r201768, r202229).
  • Hongbo Min renamed ‘harddisk’ to ‘fixed’ for storage unit type in System Info API.

Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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