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Week 22 Intel and Chromium : Fixes in CSS Media Queries and even more cleanups.

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This update covers week 22 on Intel’s work in Chromium and Blink.

Blink :

  • Mrunal Kapade fixed some styling issues when styling controls.
  • Kenneth Rohde Christiansen continued his crusade to improve Media Queries code. He fixed inconsistencies between the spec and the CSSOM in appendMedium and deleteMedium methods.
  • Alexis Menard cleaned the css/ directory with WebKit prefixed class and file names (no unprefixing, just renames). r151410 and r151426.
  • Pan Deng worked again on fixing ResourceLoadTiming resolution. He also fixed an issue in the devtools related to the canvas profile button.

Chromium :

  • Halton Huo landed a fix in the H.264 decoder.
  • Pan Deng landed the 4th step of his ResourceLoadTiming resolution work.
  • Dongseong Hwang cleaned unused code in the graphics stack.
  • Mrunal Kapade also cleaned some code related to files handling.
  • Caio Oliveira landed a refactor around the DownloadManager.

Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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