or Alexis Menard in the real world.

Week 23 Intel and Chromium : Passing CSS Media Queries W3C compliance tests and various bug fixes.

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This update covers week 23 on Intel’s work in Chromium and Blink.

Blink :

  • Yael Aharon fixed an issue with popup menu not being aligned correctly when the view is transformed.
  • Alexis Menard removed some dead code in CSSValuePool, he also fixed very old legacy by replacing usage of integers in Blink when they should be CSSPropertyIDs or CSSValueIDs.
  • Kenneth Rohde Christiansen together with Rune (of Opera fame) spent some time and gave lot of love to the CSS Media Queries code. Kenneth removed unneeded caching and he also removed “forward compatibly syntax” support in alignment with HTML5 spec and other vendors. Kenneth and Rune are doing a great job fixing this code as now Blink is passing all W3C Media Queries compliance tests (when the last patch from Rune will land).

Chromium :

  • Yan Gu landed an optimisation in extensions regarding document.all.
  • Dongseong Hwang removed duplicated clear of ViewsDelegate::views_delegate in ~ShellViewsDelegateAura().
  • Sudarsana Nagineni fixed a memory leak after using the GTK file chooser.
  • Pan Deng exposed net::LoadTimingInfo through content_shell for testing purposes.

Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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