or Alexis Menard in the real world.

Week 25 Intel and Chromium : Modularization of NaCl started, memory and speed improvements.

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This update covers week 25 on Intel’s work in Chromium and Blink.

Blink :

  • Mikhail Pozdnyakov landed a refactor in WTF::HashSet.
  • Mrunal Kapade landed a fix in SVG.
  • Alexis Menard decreased CSSProperty’s metadata by half in some scenarios. It makes a significant change in real world cases.
  • Dongseong Hwang fixed CanvasGradient::addColorStop to match with the spec.
  • Alexander Shalamov improved speed of KeyframeAnimation::fetchIntervalEndpointsForProperty when looking up keyframes (using a binary search rather than linear).

Chromium :

  • Yael Aharon started work to modularized NaCl (more with r207951, r207914r207806 and r206825).
  • Dongseong Hwang moved ShellWindowDelegateView from view to content namespace.
  • Caio de Oliveira Filho fixed a test case table in HistoryURLProviderTest for C++11.
  • Raphael Kubo da Costa removed dead code (r206765 and r206711).

Author: darktears

Software Engineer at Intel Corporation.

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