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Week 26 Intel and Chromium : NaCl componentization and various bug fixes.

This update covers week 26 on Intel’s work in Chromium and Blink. Quiet past week for Intel as some of our developers were in vacations or busy inside Intel.

Blink :

  • Dongseong Hwang worked on clarifying the size of a document view (a.k.a layout size) that causes FrameView to emit the resize event.
  • Jun A Jiang fixed a crash in debug when restoring texture binding at Unit 0 in DrawingBuffer::prepareMailbox().
  • Raphael Kubo Da Costa removed some legacy pretty printers for gdb.

Chromium :

  • Pan Deng exposed receive header end time for URLRequestRedirectJob.
  • Dongseong Hwang fixed a bug in the compositor.
  • Shouqun Liu fixed a bug in Android with hidden video element.
  • Yael Aharon continued her effort to modularize NaCl (She separated NaCl switches to their own files and removed dependency of NaClHostMessageFilter code on Profiles).