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Back in France, end of aKademy, and new job

I’m now back in France, in Paris and i live in my mother’s flat.Akademy is now finished, it was great.The program was good, conferences very interesting. I haven’t hacking so much, just a little, fixing some bugs and working on the notifier.
The organization team did a wonderful job. I would like to congrats the team! I was pretty happy to see new students from ervin, i hope they will stay like me in KDE. I was very happy to meet new french : Gilles Caulier (from digiKam), Sebastien Renard (from translation team), Pierre Ducroquet (from Koffice). French start to be more and more in KDE (ahahaha). As usually i meet other Plasma devs and friends. Like last year, i come back at home with lot of things in my memory. I would like to thanks Olivier Goffart, our guide in belgium, for his jokes and his explanation of belgium customs (s’il vous plait).
Now i spend time hacking on KDE (a little) and on my N810. I try to see my friends in Paris before leaving France and we arrive at this second part of my post : i just get my first job since i have finished my studies in June. I have the chance to be hired by Nokia, in Qt software division. I will join lot of wonderful people in Oslo and i’m pretty eager to start working next month.


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French Release Party in Toulouse…

I’m not the first to speak about the release event but i think i will be the last…

The event start on friday evening with a long talk of Kevin Ottens (ervin). He had shown a lot of things : KDE pillars, videos and so. The room was full and we can say it was a success. Ervin is a really good speaker (everybody is agree with me). Thanks to Ervin. After the presentation we had a coktail, so people have asked many questions about KDE. It’s was a pleasure to promote it.

On saturday, we had technical conferences with Aurélien Gâteau, David Faure,Laurent Montel, Kevin Ottens, Anne-Marie Mahfouf and me. All talks was interesting and i have listened like a kid.The room was full with a big turn over of people. I was happy to be present, especially because it was my first talk around KDE.

Saturday evening all KDE people were in a good restaurant and we have discuss about many subjects, especially how we were enter in KDE. It was very interesting (especially David Faure).  Finally, I was happy to see again David, Laurent, and to meet Aurélien. KDE community is very wonderful. I’m very impatient to be again at the next akademy.

I would like to thanks all people who helps me to organize this event :

  • All the people from Toulibre, especially Alex and Thomas.
  • Michel Saliba and all people who help around Aaron’s keynote;
  • Ervin for his help, for his advices and all. Thanks so much!

I’m very proud to have organized my first KDE’s event, and i hope others will come (An aKademy :p). The bad point for this event was the communication (we have to improve some points especially the poster), but i have won a dinner and a beer (i have sticked or given more than 250 posters in Toulouse).

Now it’s time to go back in code, Plasma i’m comming, have you forget me?!

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KDE 4.0 release event in France.

For the KDE Desktop Environment 4.0 Release the French contributors are pleased to invite you to the Toulouse Release Party on 25th and 26th January at the Centre Culturel Bellegarde in Toulouse. On Friday 25th January evening, at 8:00 PM, an introduction to the KDE project will be presented with some parts of the keynote (translated to French) by KDE eV Board President Aaron Seigo from Google Headquarters. A coktail will close the evening. On the next day, Saturday 26th January, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM you will be able to enjoy a full day of KDE presentations on KDE 4 pillars, Qt, CMake, How to contribute to KDE, Education…
Everyone is welcome!

Here you can find more informations about the event and the schedule of the event.


My ToDo List on Plasma…

I see on the last commit digest that we speak about the lock/logout applet. First time that we speak about my work ;). I need to improve it a little (add an onHover effect on icons : perhaps a blue on hover on lock button and red hover on logout button). We have just to resize it, hide the background and put it where we want but the question is actually where?Wait and see… Perhaps i will talk with oxygen’s guys because icons are not very easy to differenciate, especially when they are small…

I have to talk with aaron about onHover effect because in plama panel “kicker” the onHover effect use a Qtimeline (i remember [but i’m not sure] in aKademy that aaron want to use one QTimeline for all applets so..).

Actually i work to finish new device notifier applet. The applet works very well, up/down animation and when we click on it, it open solidUiServer. I have just a problem with desktop files use to define actions list in solidUiServer. I worked yesterday with David Faure to find the problem, i will find the solution soon. The last thing on this notifier is to improve slideAnimation, but actually i don’t know how to start in Phase class in Plasma. As the lock/logout applet, actually we don’t know where we can put this applet and a notification area.

Many work to do and after perhaps i can work on the show desktop applet.


Just added to PlanetKde

Hello everybody!

It’s cool, my blog is on PlanetKDE…Thanks to Chris Lee!Big kiss!

It’s an honor for me to be here and to post my work on KDE. Actually i’m very busy, no time to spend on Plasma but i will come back as soon as possible!

I actually do a training in Orange so i have to write a report for my school. I have to work too because i have an exam at the beginning of september.

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The beginning…


First message for my first blog…So let’s go!

I’m 22 years old, I live in Toulouse (it’s in South of France).I’m actually a student in Computer Science. I study in Paul Sabatier University, more exactly in IUP ISI. We work on creating software for computers and try to learn project management. I have actually finish my first master degree and i do my training in Orange where i design a low level communication layer in C++.

So that’s all for me…See you later