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The new device notifier in KDE4

After many versions, many layout problems let me introduce you the new device notifier :

Notifier 1

Another screenshot :

Notifier 2

As we can see on screenshot it display recent plugged devices in a list with the number of actions associated to the device. It you have one action for a device and you click on it, it open directly the action. If you have many actions associated to the device it open solidUiServer with the action list.

When you plug a device the notifier pop up on top to inform you when a new device is plugged.

Actually i do a sample file wich recognize only usb key but for applications it will be easy to associate an action to a device. You can see the following example :

[Desktop Entry]
X-KDE-Solid-Predicate=[[ StorageVolume.ignored == false AND StorageVolume.usage == 'FileSystem' ] OR [ IS StorageAccess AND StorageDrive.driveType == 'Floppy' ]]
[Desktop Action open]
Exec=dbus-launch dolphin

You have just to create a solid predicate which match with the device you want to associate and after you install this .desktop file in installdir/solid/actions and hotplug engine will do everything for you…

You can give me feedback it’s the goal of my post…



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KDE 4.0 Release Party in Toulouse (France)

After the message of Wade Olson, i post about release party we will organize in France for KDE 4.0. We will do this event in Toulouse and all developpers of France (or other guys) are invited. The day is not really fixed we don’t know the date and the time for the mountain view event and we don’t know actually if we will wait 2 or 3 days for the release party because it will be more easier for our people if differents talks are translated in French. I will post the date as soon as possible. Talks of KDE’s contributors are welcome.